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Our Community Programs

Our community programs are designed from our staff's knowledge and work experience amongst the underprivileged families in East San Jose in the past 8-10 years.  We do not assume to know the need and have a solution already, so we intend to build long term relationships with our shoppers, our donors, our volunteers and most importantly our program participants to make sure our programs really meet the deeper needs of this community.  We wish to provide help for the whole family;  kids, youth, young adults and parents. 

* Kid's after school classes in Engineering, Science, Art, Music, etc. (Location at a local church)

* Recent graduates small group mentoring for young adults that need advice, mentoring, and mutual encouragement toward a better future and career.

* Parent small groups for building stronger families through finance lessons, parenting help, and career advancement assistance.

For more information to sign up or volunteer, come see us at Hope Nuevo Thrift.  Our staff are involved at the store as well as in our community programs.

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