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Hope Nuevo Thrift
1188 N. Capitol Ave  San Jose CA 95132

STORE HOURS: Mon             Closed

                                  Tues-Fri    11am - 7 pm

                                  Sat               10am - 7 pm

                                  Sun              12pm - 5 pm


Donation Drop Off Hours:  Tues-Fri  12pm - 6pm

When you shop with us, you are helping to fund our community programs to neighborhood low income families;

When you shop with us, you get to see our community service in action; through one on one mentoring and on-site job training

When you shop with us, you can be a part of the solution to in our community by volunteering and mentoring.  Our store is a place where the whole community can meet, hang out, and offer help to one another.

Our staff are all interested in improving this community one family at a time.  We have a minimal paid staff and supported mainly by volunteers.


(Please call the store before bringi
ng in any donations; we have very little storage space and limited volunteer help to take care of large amounts of donation at one time)

We Can Accept

Clothing & Accessories & Shoes

Purses, Backpacks & Luggage

Children's Books/Cookbooks/Novels/Textbooks

Sporting Goods

CDs/DvDs/Records & VIdeo GamesHand

Home Decor

Household Items

Small Countertop Appliances

Glassware & Dishes

Jewelry & Accessories

Games, Puzzles, Toys, Stuff Animals

Hand Tools, Small Power Tools

Collectibles, Antiques, & Knickknacks

Smaller Size Working Electronics; DVD & CD players; CPUs, Laptops, Cell Phones, Computer Screens, Etc.

We Can Not Accept

NO linens, towels, blankets, undergarments

NO Large Exercise Equipment

NO CRT TVs or CRT Monitors

No Furniture, Piano or Organs

No Beds, Pillows, Mattresses

No Rugs

No Fragrances / Lotions

No Perishible Items

No Household Chemicals

No Baby Cribs, Walkers & Cars Seats

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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