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What are we up to outside of the store???

01  Christmas 2023

Berryessa School District - Homeless Students & Families Clothing and Gift Program

Hope Nuevo Thrift partnered with our local school district, Berryessa Union School District, to provide free winter clothing (jackets, scarves, sweaters) and Christmas gifts to homeless students and their families.  We learned that as many as 26% of their student population are listed as homeless sometime during the school year.  We delivered these goods to each student's school offices 2 weeks before Christmas.  We are working with the school district to continue to provide very low cost clothing and household goods to these families in need.

02 Spring 2024

East Side Union Adult Extension Program

Hope Nuevo has partnered with East Side Union High School District's Adult Extension Program.  Every Wednesday, adult students with the Exntension Program come work with our staff at the store to practice necessary independent life skills such as sweeping, sorting, dusting, laundry and others.  They are also given a chance to learn new usable work skills such as cashiering, sorting and pricing, and other retail skills.  In the time of working with these students, our staff make every effort to get to know each student and encourage them in building up their individual strengths.

03 Summer 2024

Free Summer Camps for Local Kids

Hope Nuevo will partner with Southbay Community Baptist near White and McKee hosts a 5 week long summer camp.  Hope Nuevo will help send some of Berryessa school district kids to attend the camp for free.  We are also planning to providing extra financial support to the summer camp program so that they can plan more educational field trips during those 5 weeks.

04  Fall 2024

Budgeting and Finance Small Group Class

Hope Nuevo will partner with graduates of nonprofit organization Love Inc. of San Jose to have small group classes held at our store after hours to help participants learn how to budget their money more wisely and manage their finances with better planning and knowledge of available tools.  A second half follow-up class will pair up participants with mentors that will walk each participant through a longer period of time to ensure a healthy financial habit change.

05 Fall 2024

After School Programs for Low-Income Families

Hope Nuevo will partner with SouthBay Community Baptist Church to provide a 5 day a week after school program for at risk and/or low-income local school kids in the Berryessa/Alum Rock school districts.  Hope Nuevo will provide financial as well as program guidance for daily operations of the after school program.  We will also enlist the help and suggestions for program format and volunteering from both district's leadership.  We will be enlisting volunteers from many in our community who has been regulars at our store who share the same love and vision for the youth in our community.

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