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Our Story...Why Hope Nuevo?
Why a nonprofit thrift store?

Because our directors, staff & volunteers all believe in caring for the individuals & families in our community to share HOPE that lasts


Because we believe in building real relationships that blesses people. Developing real trust helps us to find out how to be helpful to those that need care and assistance.


Because running a thriving thrift store allows us to interact daily with our community, build relationships & provide the funds for the community programs

How does Hope Nuevo work?



Minette Wong                                                            President & Managing Director

Hope Nuevo Thrift Nonprofit Organization was founded in March of 2023 by Minette Wong. 


It is my dream for this new local nonprofit thrift store to be a Care and Assistance Entity to my East San Jose community.  I have a BS in Construction Management from Cal Poly and worked in Facilities Management with a big Silicon Valley tech firm before deciding to stay home and become a homeschooling mom in 2005.  In addition to teaching my kids for the last 18 years, I have also spent a large part of my time working on many service/outreach projects with my church and local parachurch organizations like CityTeam.  I have lived 22 years in the Berryessa neighborhood where Hope Nuevo Thrift is located and I plan on staying around to see our thrift store and organization make a real difference in the lives of our underprivileged families.

Hope Nuevo's Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are all committed to serving this community in East San Jose, one family at a time.

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